Friday, December 4, 2015

these tracks in the snow
that we've made
will drift and melt away
from the physical world
when everything seen
is what must change
but never the way 
the ground felt 
beneath our feet
or the burning we carried
in our hearts
nor the stars that lit
our way
or what the journey
has meant
so that the destination
of fires we have sought
in each other
remains eternal
in the journey
to finding found
and we will find again
no matter what foot prints
in soft earth and in sand
or on shores where we met
the ebb and flow
to swim this galaxy 

you are the fire
I will always seek
the destination
and the journey
that transcend what I
can look behind me to see
because the journey
is inside of me
as what I will be born
again and again to seek
in every dimension
there has or ever will be
and love is the measure
of what has passed
while the stars stand watching
expectant in their shine
to light our way

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