Sunday, December 6, 2015

the garden lies still
beneath the moon
and only the last trace
of the flowers remain
for us to remember
that they were ever 
here at all
but beneath the soil
held in layers cradled 
in the roots of their mothers
are seeds waiting their turn
in the way our love is now
preparing release 
from the pod 
and out onto the wind
and perhaps no one will know
what ever has been
in the time between 
this season and that
but when our seed
feels the warmth to ignite
into sprout once again
to make its way 
through the darkness 
and into the sun
the butterflies will come
to drink of the nectar
of what we have grown
in the timeless process of eons
learning and changing 
and coding our better ways
to regenerate to more
than what we have ever
been before
and this one time here
is the synergy made
of a strand in the spindle
of our love's DNA
another marker of when
we touched love so deep
we conspired to evolve it
to something much more

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