Sunday, December 6, 2015

I've got the reins of this hot wind
between my hands
and I don't know how far
this pony can go
but baby 
let's just ride
like I am the lightning
and you are the thunder
with hooves pounding
through wildfires
that don't burn
but bring us alive
across the prairie
of stars
that howl through
the night
in and out of
the dimensions of time
where whatever 
is on our heels
can't touch us at all
because there's no stopping
there's just passing by
through this world
and that
while we hold each other tight
scorching the sunrise
into the sky
as fearless as lovers
with the courage of love
on a horse of hot wind
that no illusion can tame
when we are the wild
birthed from the night
so baby let's just close 
our eyes
and we'll ride

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