Saturday, December 5, 2015

I can't stop falling
deeper into you
beautiful Starshine Blue
and when I think of the days
I dreamed only to feel the touch
of your hand in mine
now I can find the centre 
of the heart in my heart
has been touched by the centre
of the most beautiful star
and now there is light growing
in the place you have been
which means there are places of me
you have forever changed
as if the spirit was kissed
by the sacred breath of an ancient
more ancient than spirit
come to this earth in human form
and when I am just learning
to be what we are
I have forsaken the gift at times
for the want of kisses and touch
and forgotten the sacred and rare
you have brought to my world
and what you have given
in the daring to touch me
in these ways too intimate
for most here to dream
igniting super novas
in a timeless dance
to form a galaxy 
of this cosmic love
and the sweet solar whispers
of just how vast
a destiny without end
can be

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