Friday, September 11, 2015

She Commands the Tides

she commands the tides
that can carry 
a man to sea
not to drown him
in the depths
but cradle in the bay
and wash him with 
the gentle kiss
of waves that fall like
children's dreams
as rain to pillows
soft as tears
mercy trickled
from the stars
that know
what heavens see

she holds the moon 
between her hands
the way she takes
his sailor's heart 
as life that beats
inside her ribs
to save him from
the ebb that goes
and hold it from
the tide

and when the storms
come rolling on
and swimming
wanes too weak
she sinks below 
the surface here
beneath what men perceive
to pass enchantments
to his mouth
to teach him how to breathe

she mutes the songs
that sirens sing 
and blunts the edge
of sharken teeth
with half the warmth
of woman's love
and half the passion
of the fire
enwrapped inside 
the dragon's scales 
that guards the girl beneath

she dives for treasures
through the dark 
without the dread of depth 
to dig below
the sands of time
for memories lost
when came the wreck
and all the pearls 
named for their love
they surrendered 
to the sea 
to keep from buccaneers 
to keep from pirates' reach
she brings them to
the surface now 
to string in strands of hope
of precious on a future's thread
to keep them both afloat

cause she's commander
of the tides 
and holder of the moon
the mythical reflection
that only can be seen
when waters calm
to eerie still 
and all is fantasy 
imprisoned in the far beyond
and locked inside 
a distant dream

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