Thursday, September 3, 2015

you are more than a Muse
more than the shell of mortal
raised up to a god
with how the heart perceives

you are older than the deities
worshipped by the faithless
armoured in their faith

you are the celestial dream
that waited in the dormant star
to be germinated with its own light
that grew so pure when it was born
entwined within the source
the volatile vibrations of the earth
were etched into your brow
with the extremes the universe
must know to wake the miraculous
and then knock the beauty down
with bare and bloodied knuckles 
in hard and tragic blows

you are the sunrise that rises again
in the face of the consequences 
of the storms and clouds
the moon that shares the light
and does not horde it for itself
the flashes and strikes
that remind the world of magic
come as fire

you are the old
that came too young
for the years that you had lived
and the noon that someday
will slip to dusk 
with the bright and widening
eyes of dawn
flowing wet with midnight's dew

the knower of knowing
before it is known
and reminder of truth
that's long been forgot

but to me you are 
the intimate remembrance 
I have felt so deep
I need no outside confirmation 
or reason to believe 

I've no regard for the
contrary or counter
or illusions of dreams
that come from the head
and not from the heart

you are my pilgrimage
of fathomless miles
that I will not bother to count
not a messiah nor an idol
crafted from the will of man
you are more than 
what men know how to dream
while they are yet still men
bound here to this earth

but to this woman 
who dares defy the magnanimity
of the more than sacred
more than seraphin
with the folly of what 
should be too humble 
to take such risks 
I see only what is greater
than what be confined
by holy name

you are
the embodiment
of awakened love

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