Wednesday, September 9, 2015

fuck catharsis
and contemplative
I just want what I want
and I want it now
want to want it 
again and again
and then again
some more
absent of the fear
of what the universe 
when it knows what
you will pay
without weighing
the consequences
for the cost

give me a throne
to hold me high 
elevated enough
to make demands
of what
I've got no right
to take
claims I've got
no right to stake
let me have my cake
and eat it too
let me eat it
off of you

burn my timid
to the ground
and let my wild
come out to play
makes no difference
any way
when I'm too much
and not enough
not enough
to invent 
a practical use
for love
nor the rebel
not to care
running hot 
and running cold
much too young
and still too old

bewitch what catches
in my throat
lace sweet voodoo
on my tongue
to make the sorcery 
of the sounds
that Sirens can unleash
to calm the cautious
lost at sea
cause I've got no way
to please
but sell my soul
for selfish charms
that lull the mind 
into an ease
and quench this want
to want to want 
for you to let me
have my way

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