Wednesday, September 9, 2015

in the way
the wind blows
when it blows
and the rain falls
when it falls
and the sun brings
on its breath
the song of each
new day

what is written
comes constant
but in the natural
of the flow
of what the universe
has called to move

in absence of routine
or habits wielded
from the head
but danced up 
through the heart
with the way I feel
the song of you
dancing all through me

and while the music plays
these here are the days
to celebrate

in the way the wind
makes Gitanos
of the clouds
erecting flamencos
from abandoned scattered leaves

in the way the rain beats rhythms
for the Andalusian heels
of birds now grounded 
from their flight

in the way the sun's a cantador
that awakens warmth from fire
here hidden in this night

in the way you shine 
your dance through me
like music stitched 
in notes of light

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