Monday, September 21, 2015

I surrendered to the dream
when first I closed my eyes
before the tranquil found the flesh
when the heart called out 
for a dangerous kind of night
for a mermaid who thought
she could lead a marching band
all through city streets
like asphalt could turn 
to waves and foam
and traffic jams to schools of fish
just a girl with a fearless wish
to go beyond control
transcending what the real calls real
with stars that would burn so bright
they'd outshine the neon skies
but the fanfare was not the place
to find the music or the light
inside this kind of dream
so I held my breath and sank below
to where the maestros make music
in the stations of underground
beneath the feet of passersby 
who catch only the notion of the notes
through the vents but cannot hear
the clarity of the sweetest sounds
that float like ghosts invisible but free
but this is where the songs await
for those who dare to go below
the surface and the common seen
inside the tunnel where songs composed 
are written in the blood of dreams
and starlight can best be found
in darkness behind closed eyes
and surrender to this dream

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