Wednesday, September 9, 2015

when the accident of this universe
was laid bare at our feet
you told me we'd have to
use our heads
if we were gonna make it through
but I figured I'd take the dreams
because who has logic pure enough
to be distilled from all the web
of filters we've incurred

then I tried much too hard
when hard-to-get's what 
wanted played
because I never obeyed the rules
that wouldn't let me see
a thing for what it really is

and maybe there were frames
that hung with warnings on their rungs
but those were not perceptions
strung up by my hands
so all that I could do
was build it by the plans
I found in my own heart 

and shrug off what the world had said
to carve itself away
to paradigms of only hunter and the prey
lessons in the measurement
of how I ought to weigh
the cost against the gain
by which a cage is made
to put the spirit to domain
of anything but its own self

but in the shroud of how it's done
I was swimming up the stream
not for the execution
of strategies ingrained
inside a hijacked brain
useful for the cloaking 
of the most sincerely insincere
nor cause I knew not where to go
and could not find my way

but because I saw what logic built
constructed in concrete
dams with shadows cast so long
they forced all wonders to their knees 
as though they were rebellions 
in need of putting down

and you can tell me of the hurts
that need the thinking through
that I'm just a repetition 
within the plot of you 
but tell me where's the truth
in all that's put to render with
the synthetic of the lens 
by which we all must see
the distance from the now

tell me how all hearts are doomed
that never can retell 
for lacking the cognition
we need here to survive
and I'll plead the intelligence
there found inside the foolish heart
that doesn't know to stop the beat
of what it's born to do

cause still the dream speaks louder
that tells me all that fell
and sunk beneath our feet
was not by chance nor accident
nor for the application
of the rules by which this world
demands that we abide 

but somewhere in the water 
hidden in the deep below
where the breath of tainted logic
has got no air to breathe
there is miracle of mystery there
that's waiting in unseen 

and only the heart 
could ever know
if it was meant for us

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