Wednesday, September 2, 2015

dance me around the moon tonight
in the music of the stars
we'll surrender our affinity for truth
so I can whisper lies into your ear
sweet promises I can't keep
that I'll make everything all right
and you won't need to cry no more
because nothing will touch you
in my arms not even 
the consumption of time
and I'll tell you I've got a heart so big
I can mend the broken parts of you
so baby just pretend tonight
that the lies I tell are true
leave behind all worry
and make believe with me
that all our dreams are waiting
in each other's eyes
take the moment to step outside
the weight of this hardened world
and I'll spin you endless devotions
I have no way to give
and gamble on the chance
that you'll forgive me in the morning
when the sunlight shines
without the soft filter of the moon
and the truth comes down 
without mercy
cruel and twice as harsh

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