Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I can't always remember
to forget myself
though I am trying
to find the ways
and I know the world
is grinding you to dust
and all I can do
is watch everything I cherish
drift away from me
so that all my dreams become
fantasies of treasure hunts
to seek out the distant corners 
of this universe 
for every far blown speck
of what gets lost
to mortar to your heart once more
and make it strong again
if not enough for loving me
at least enough for you
and if I could reach my hands
through this standing wall
I'd hold together what I could
just so you had enough 
stardust left inside your chest
to bring you dreams at night
to illuminate every dark closet
that hides a monster
and turn them back to shadow
not that darkness does not
deserve its place
but so does light
and love and peace
and I know there isn't 
any room for me
when the foundation is trying
to keep from coming down
and all I can do is stand 
butterfly net waiving through the air
trying to catch what's eroding
on the wind
too fine a silt to ever hold
with anything so sparse
but love doesn't seem to care
about impossibilities 
and never coming trues
it only hurts the most
when hopelessness catches
in the lungs
but more so when you hurt
and then I remember that I forgot
that to make a peace with love
sometimes means to forget myself

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