Tuesday, September 22, 2015

contemplating the
calculations of love
the equations lovers make
factoring involuntary 
chemical reactions
with practicality 
and what the payout is
love letters and years and poems
and someone better to be
without having to go
inside to purge the 
darkness out
roles to star
that lift us from 
the insignificant
we've been programmed
we have to be
without a story
that lifts us from
the whole
but I don't believe
there's a reason 
in everything
only a meaning that can
be found in all
so when I stop to think
of love that's factored down
with nothing to account
for what the gains might be
I see not the hopelessness
of all that's missing
from the page
only what is clearly there
distilled to all it needs to be
I see only love

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