Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I sang with a voice 
that was always mine
but had yet to be
from the damp soil
of my subterranean heart 
like a seed that suddenly
bloomed up 
through my throat
and turned me to a willow
in the breeze
bending to touch the earth
and reaching with longing
for the sky
cause no one remembers
how to hear the songs
of trees
but the ones still
living in the stars
and when the song 
was not enough
to call you to the dream
I placed my voice
inside the woven veins
of a single golden leaf
then blew it from the limb
and sent it on the wind
that every bare branch
against the sky
or leaf found under foot
could be a hope instead
for what seeks its way to you
and what will bloom again
for the chance to draw you
to the dream

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