Saturday, August 15, 2015

a wise one told me that the spirit
ain't as far as we go back
cause we're born in the mystery
that dawned so long before

and here I've been so busy
thinking we were of same kind 
and not that we're the same 
when before we came from stars
we were birthed together with the light

and while moons grow small with distance
the sacred tunnels in my code
connect me with the unseeing eyes
that feel you in the cosmic memory 
that whisper tales in quantum song
that you and I were born 
before the birth of time

or the spirits grew to being
so that I became this name
and you were known by that
in the illusion that has forgotten
these are only growing details
not labels for divide

and so when you stand in silence
if I am hearing you are dancing still
with the pulse of metaphysic heart
that beat itself to being
in the contraction and the opening
in perpetuation it receives
and sends again in flow

to carry forth the mystery 
that makes its way
from me to you and you to me 
in rushes of divine that sometimes ebb
but born outside of time
can not learn how to stop

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