Sunday, August 16, 2015

between memories remembered
and forgotten 
and speculation of what's
to come
the only thing that's true
is now

and real just might be
really real
and love been more awakened
as germination of a seed
than emergence from
a dream

so that the risk imagined
was the risk already taken
when the crack formed
in the shell

and what is growing doesn't care
if we're skeptical enough to ask
if the sun is out there waiting
for it to reach the sky

not negligent enough to view
the subterraneanous of love
as crafted from delusion
or only just a phase

but knowing in the now
the essential of the earth
to roots for stems in winds
that have to still stand tall

so that there is honouring
in the journey
exceeding blind frustration 
for groping for the day

and what is growing
matters less
than that it dared
to face the dark
for the chance to reach the light
for the chance to find its way

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