Friday, August 21, 2015

I didn't come to tell you
that it will be OK
I never held no magic
and I'm not gonna lie
and maybe you can hate me
cause I'll never figure how
to visit you in darkness
and find you where you go

so looking through the distance
when I just stand and watch
you only see spectation
and my voice too small gets lost
so that all of it you hear there
gets mixed with Siren songs
when I'm not the kind to lure the weak
who've forgotten they're the strong

I'm only weaving lullabies 
to calm you through the fray
when magic never comes 
and self-consumption ain't enough
and open eyes block out the light
to hearts too tender for the sun

but perhaps these sounds 
might reach you 
somewhere out there
on the wind
and when your mistress darkness 
decides she's finally done
you'll catch these words inside your sails
and ride them back again

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