Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ancient wounds
and altered states 
of mind
sometimes baby
you're so hard
to find

and you're a bad dog
when you bite
but I know you
in the night 
when you're a 
dream child
from the stars
an angel bearing scars

the medicine I need
sometimes bitter
sometimes sweet
sweep me off my feet
and make me stand
my ground 
in a universe
so far from here
I can see you clear
and lighting up
the sky

the only answer
I need to why
the sun can laugh
but the moon
must cry
then learn again
to smile

and while you're 
sharing fires
with demons 
in the night
I'll invoke the spirits
to hold the lost child tight
and closer to the source
of Creation
where you're found

songs to rhythms
of the sound
of heartbeats on the ground 
distress calls out
to stars 
to take the distance
from the far

exfoliate the miles 
of scars 
that make you
hard to find
while you hitchhike
the backroads
of my mind
and places left

but I'm not gonna 
stand real still
to whisper to 
your heart
I'll be out there
dancing too
down the gravel 
and the dirt 
to meet your game
of seek and hide

and when I find you child 
you won't need
to fight 
just baby know 
to take the ride
I don't need the warnings
I've learned a bad dog bites

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