Monday, August 10, 2015

climb the ladder
up through the stars 
and meet me at the moon
I'll leave you the key
hung from a song
to open this secret room
where making believe
is all we need
where dreams contain
the truth

let me undress the day
unstrap the armour
you have worn
and wash you in 
the milk of tears
of penetrated
to the bone

let me feed you mana
from dreams
you dare not speak
not even to yourself
and wrap you in
this soft surrender
so you won't fear
to fall

let me stain this map
into the chambers  
of your heart
for the places I get lost
so you will not
forget your way 
to where you can 
be found

let me write the sounds
upon your ears
for all I've named you
here in love
so in the silence
when demon's speak
you'll remember 
who you are

let me light the fire
inside your mouth
so you can take it
when you leave
and in the hours
when you are searching
you can call your way 
back home

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