Saturday, August 29, 2015

when they come
I'll take my flight
with Swans into Nachine
slipping past the confines
of borders made of time
and find my way inside
the cosmic womb of dream 
to remember there to sing
the songs composed of stars
and connected to the heart
of all the source of life
beyond this living here
when the universe was still
the only mother you had known
and all the world sang harmonies
between the light and dark
to give you days of warmth
and nights to count 
the astral aspirations
the stars dreamed just for you
and while you're staring
into the depths of sky
listen for the wings of Swans
transcending past the veil
I will send the songs with them
to bring them to your heart
so you can hear them once again
and remember who you are

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