Sunday, August 30, 2015

we don't beg for mercy here
even from our knees
that's just not our way
so I can't teach you
to make your peace
anymore than I can
give redemption
but compassion for the self 
is an ever flowing river
from inter into outer verse
waiting for the braver than the brave
to wade into its depths

when all we've learned is fire
and how to work in burn
still there comes a time
the waters gotta soothe
when combusting brands the soul
and there's nothing left to do
but give and take the swim

and no I can't fight the currents
that must belong to you
when I've gotta keep my head
above the water too
but come the Sirens come the sharks
baby they can bring it on
cause I won't beg for mercy
and I won't let you
swim alone

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