Thursday, August 27, 2015

this is what it's like
to love in sacred
to refract in Creation
to be revealed as the colour
I could not dream 
that I'd be born to be
blending into other 
colours dreamed 
by a universe of infinite hue
all painting the heavens 
for you
be it you chose to lift 
your eyes  or not
to see the dances
danced by ancients
and those with flesh
of heart to love
and the seeds not yet 
to germinate their way
into the finite of this time
the light seen through 
until awakened by 
the prismatic
that asks it to carry 
the language
of cosmic love letters
written in the ink 
of immeasurable altitudes
to briefly stain the sky
with what time may wash away 
as the impermanent colour
of human love
but cannot be erased
only just returned 
and interconnected to the source
that shines with your name
warm upon it lips

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