Wednesday, February 1, 2017

we're not the enemies
of the state...
the state of natural being
don't colonize
our minds
with your lines of status quo
if you are quoting
from artificial power
cause now is time to listen
to the power in our hearts
where our ancestors are playing songs
so our descendants
will one day dance
to something more
than this white noise
of this unreality TV nation
because your alternative reality
does not matter
it holds no matter here
in this world of from the earth
and to the earth
infused with all the stars
where dictators don't dictate the scars
only just the wounds that are inflicted
and our anarchy
is in the way we heal
again for generation after generation
and the reality is
it's coded in our DNA
to be the patriots
of the state...
the natural state of being

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