Tuesday, February 28, 2017

wherever your feet
fall when you dream
wherever your gaze lands
when you close your eyes
whatever you seek
when you lay to rest

if I could be there too
it would be as the dew
that softens the earth
to record the sacredness
of your memories
in its skin

I would be the flecks that glisten
on the wings of butterflies
virgin again to the light
and the scent of the mouths
of flowers
opening to welcome them softly
with serenades
of the sweetest nectars
perspired in desire
just to touch the soles of feet
that leave the ground

I would come as the rays of sun
that warm you
and also the comfort
of the shade
that lets you choose
the balance where balance lies
and the grass
and the rivers
and the songs of birds
so that every step
in every direction
and every stop to rest
would answer only beauty

because all we ever really seek
is the answer to ourselves

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