Thursday, February 23, 2017

to feel the rivers of life
flow beneath your skin tonight
to remember to be alive
is the gift so we can love
your heartbeat to drown
the chaos and the noise
and all the silent screams
when capsules of tears
get swallowed
like cyanide
I don't want a place to hide
but only a safe place to dance
to the music of your breath
not to forget
but only just to rest
and celebrate
what illusions cannot conquer
and tell you you are a beautiful
until I remember
that I am too
when all the moments
of every dimension
and every time
every smile
and every cry
have contributed their share
to the miracle
that somewhere in the world
there is a light
the darkness cannot blind
against my eyes
and when the dark
has made me tired
still I can close my eyes
and somewhere safe
I touch that light

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