Saturday, March 11, 2017

For Richard (the words that came after the breath)

this is not your end
this is only your
the way you taught me
never to terminate the thoughts
with a stop
for playing elusive
and hiding just beyond
the other side

and from you I also learned
all you need is one more try
than every time that you fall down
and that trauma when it catches you
is only the white space
when connection is momentarily paused

but what tells the story
is what we write
in the in between
and look at the story you painted
in life
and in words
inside your in between

and now you are out there
swimming in that cosmic stream
ready to share your gifts
with all who take the breath
and then dive in
to find a story
that they can touch and share

somewhere in that ancient river
I know the generations
will find you there...

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