Monday, March 6, 2017

I can't count the days
because they are more
than I have even lived
that the distant light
has been all that I see
to believe
there is something more
than this
that somewhere in this world
that disjointed me from its bones
there are places still to fit
warmly in the warmth of flesh
and that this reality
is only an illusion
imprinted on the skin
as a brand
but not the truth of the spirit
and I am sorry
for the darkness I have offered
because I am lost and cold
and that is where darkness likes to go
to find its fit
when all these days
of too many to ever count
I have thirsted for the sun
even in the times that I have dug
the holes
to burry myself from all the world
and the ones when echoes reverberated
like ricochets
that wound the heart again
there are so many days my dreams awake
to watch the light arise
then find the light within

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