Saturday, August 27, 2016

the socialist heart
thinks that what it gives
of love
will be made up
in what it should receive

the totalitarian heart
uses love as a means
to exact control
and exert authority
on behalf of
the ego's desires

the capitalist heart
does not expect
an equal measure
of what is given
for what is gained
but wagers it can exploit
more than the investment
put up of its own self

but this heart here
is pure fucking
free to love whoever
and whatever
it loves
without dependence
without externalized control
without being the prostitute
or the john

it was born to beat
and born to love

it has fought starved out rebellions
to reclaim this power
and the birth right
of its natural freedom

and here it stands
free of legislations
and restrictions
and middlemen

outside the realm of what
can be contracted
or imprisoned
or employed

free to love and shine
like a wild and raging
naked sun

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