Friday, August 5, 2016

Inside Out

we're the outside kind
so you were disappointed
when I stepped in to dance
but I already knew it
before I laid my hands
upon that tree
and still it was where
I had to be
because sometimes
you have to step in to really see
what it is you're looking at
when you stand out
and you have to trust
that learning in the backwards way
comes more naturally
than dogma to our kind

I watched you watch me
for two days
above the coulee hills
even as I said
I was willing to let you go
if there was someplace else
you had to be
but you just stayed and danced
up there on the outside
not letting go of me

and on the third day
there you were
barefoot and dancing
by my side
and all that I could do
was laugh so hard I cried
like I had lost my mind
when we both know that crazy
is when you gain control
and learn to really see
and there you were with me
for only just one round
but so vivid I could see
with both my eyes left open wide

playing your tricks
the way you played
with the constructs of this life
you came inside to dance
beyond the ways
I carried you in
inside my heart
and we were there
in that sacred lodge
but gone
to some other ancient time
our own time
our own dimension
the way we always worked the best

and for us
no matter where we stand
inside has always been illusion
because outside is the only thing
that we can be
when our spirits decide
to loose themselves to free
and you danced me outside
to just the free
of the inside of our love
where my one inside to be
has always been
transcendent with the way
two outsiders learn to weave
their own realities
from the inside out
to outside in
in a dance of eternal love
that dances in and out
of wherever it wants to be

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