Friday, June 3, 2016

there is still so much
I need to know
gasping for clarity
between the tsunami of dreams
and the earthquakes
of encrypted whispers
and echoes

I have always known the things
I can't quite remember
when I've been remembering you
in my dreams
since memory was given to me
in this consciousness here

and I am remembering still
even with you moved on
into the next place
where I will find you
to meet again
carrying more questions with me
than I had before I had
these fragmented answers

and the only things I know
for certain
are that old soldiers
remember more
than they can bear
and less than they have done
and this here is illusion
with the reality being love
that transcends questions
and answers and memories
partial and full
and remembers the only answer
it needs to know
is love

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