Sunday, June 25, 2017

crawl inside the window
of my mind
some trickster
Peter Pan
my heart is growing old
to know
that love won't come tomorrow
or any other day
so share a little magic
of how to opiate
with the joy and with the now
where evolution isn't found
in wishes or in echoes
but only in today
I'm tired of growing tired
I want to wake inside a dream
where everything stays lucid
once the reference point
is found
and youth comes in the shedding
to reach the baby skin
and the fountain of the cleansing
that washes off the pain
is an ocean made of drops
of every internal connection
we have obtained
and to fly we only close our eyes
and focus on the light
and rise to heaven
with the stardust of forgetting 
to remember
and the joy of now

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