Monday, May 2, 2016

I spend these days now
in forests and in barns
and anywhere I can hear
the music of Creation
without the voice of man
because that is where
I hear your voice
coming through as love
from far across the veil
and where I can finally feel
the tickle of the germination
of all the seeds
you left imbedded in my heart
the intimate whispers
between butterflies and milkweed
the miracle of innocence
being born
and the spectre of ancient spirits
who come out to dance
while the birds remain
undaunted and resilient
with their songs
because you were all
these things to me
and if I stay too long
amongst the chattering of men
I am scared that I will lose you
and the darkness of disappointment
left in the vacuum's wake
will turn me cold with anger
and blind to all the beauty
you once painted for me in songs
until my eyes could open far enough
that I could see it too

Missing you today my Starshine Blue. 

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