Monday, July 20, 2015

you're a dangerous man
to love
because if I love you
then I will have to know
what it really is 
to love
and not to cling to half a lie

I will have to learn the truths
beyond this human 
and remember who I was
before I came 
amnesiac into this place

I will have to believe in more 
than the illusion 
of who I think I am
and accept the miracle 
of purified reality
where love is so sacred 
it humbles me back to child
with responsibility too large 
to hold with both my hands

to endeavour to hold up
with the atrophy of these arms
what Creation has granted
this disbeliever 
who did not feel worthy 
of the gift of crumbling doubt
nor the transcenion of this 
stunted vision of the world

released into unseen before
where the stakes are only love
and everything to lose 
and everything to gain
and everything to shed
and all to metamorphosize

where on the other side is light
and a universe forgotten
waiting to be explored 
waiting to be
dangerous enough
to love

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